Fingerless Mits

Pattern made by Bryanna

This pattern is very fun, quick, and easy to add your own changes. Be creative and add stripes and color changes!

Type: Knit
Difficulty: Easy
Yarn weight: Light sport weight
Needle type: 2 Normal needles
Needle size: US-6
Gauge: 5 sts per 1 in.

The thin yarn with the loose gauge makes the fingerless mits very stretchy where they will fit almost any hand.

Right Glove


Palm before thumb

Thumb Hole

Palm after thumb


Left Glove

The only difference with the left glove is the increasing on the palm before the thumb. For example: row one say to knit 5 sts and then increase one. You need to knit until there are only 5 sts left on the needle, then increase one. Then knit all of the remaining stitches on the needle.

Palm before thumb (left mit)

Other Fingerless Mits

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