I'm not sure if anyone really cares, but here goes nothing. My name is Bryanna, I am almost 20 years old. My birth date was 2/16/91. I learned how to knit and crochet when I was in 7th grade right after my 13th birthday. I asked for yarn that year because I wanted to learn how to make pretty things out of it. I learned how to knit when my older sister Brittany learned how to from a cheap pamphlet she bought from Walmart. She taught me. And I learned how to crochet from an instructional CD for the computer. I like to make up my own patterns because I am very picky about how my clothes fit. As you can probably tell from my patterns, I like long shirts and sweaters.

My other main hobby is drawing. I think I'm pretty good, although I've definitely seen better.

Contact Me

If you ever need to contact me for any reason, such as needing help with one of my patterns or showing me what you made (I like when people do this), here are some basic ways.
E-mail: Bryannarules@aol.com

Ravelry Username: OverlordKirby

DeviantArt: Yib91

I sometimes like to stick up pictures of what other people make, so please send me some!

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